A large majority of the photos saved to my phone are screenshots of tweets or pics that make me laugh
  1. A banner that says "happy birthday bitch"
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  2. A hand-drawn map from a textbook labeling regional areas
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    Every other map was labeled thoughtfully and with detail and as a southerner this just tickles me
  3. FB photos of my friend's mother's dog with the caption "my other son"
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    I don't know what makes this so funny. Is is the expression on the dog's face? The caption?
  4. A selfie my friend took instead of taking a picture of me
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    you cant tell but he's wearing a cow costume
  5. Screenshot of an otter eating watermelon and hating it
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  6. My friend wearing a clown costume, old bathrobe, neck brace, and half of a kickball as a hat
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  7. A patch of fabric with the misspelled word "couage"
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    kind of hard to explain, but the gist of it is that my roommate misspelled the word courage when writing an inspiring message and I found it taped to the wall months later
  8. A selfie with the creepy yellow face filter slightly off center from my fave
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    why did snapchat keep putting up these filters. why.