Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Laugh

A large majority of the photos saved to my phone are screenshots of tweets or pics that make me laugh
  1. A banner that says "happy birthday bitch"
  2. A hand-drawn map from a textbook labeling regional areas
    Every other map was labeled thoughtfully and with detail and as a southerner this just tickles me
  3. FB photos of my friend's mother's dog with the caption "my other son"
    I don't know what makes this so funny. Is is the expression on the dog's face? The caption?
  4. A selfie my friend took instead of taking a picture of me
    you cant tell but he's wearing a cow costume
  5. Screenshot of an otter eating watermelon and hating it
  6. My friend wearing a clown costume, old bathrobe, neck brace, and half of a kickball as a hat
  7. A patch of fabric with the misspelled word "couage"
    kind of hard to explain, but the gist of it is that my roommate misspelled the word courage when writing an inspiring message and I found it taped to the wall months later
  8. A selfie with the creepy yellow face filter slightly off center from my fave
    why did snapchat keep putting up these filters. why.