"These are all small potatoes in the end."
  1. DJ: Linda and Emily had been to many weddings done by Toast and Jam. Patrick works in the restaurant industry with this other DJ company that he loves. He is really familiar with them. He wanted to use them but they don't really do weddings. Not their forte. Linda was adamant about Toast and Jam because she's been to two good weddings they'd done.
    "Let's sign, let's get a deposit," said Linda. Patrick thought he wasn't getting a fair shot for his DJ. In the end, Patrick said he didn't like the woman they were paired with from T&J because she was dry and dull. Great move. Win win. Linda and Emily got the DJ they wanted and Patrick liked the lady. (Linda: I think it was my suggestion to get another person. Emily: don't try to take credit for that)
  2. Emily wanted to hire her friend Donny to do a map of Chicago because she's really artistic. Linda, true to form, when they go into the meeting says: "Donny we want you to do everything. Just tell me the price." Emily was like: "this is stupid I can do the other stuff." Big back and forth. Donny emailed Emily the plan, Emily thought just a fraction.
    Donny shows up at the family BBQ, Linda tells her they want Donny for everything, despite Emily's wishes, thinking that they'd come out with such an amazing product in the end that it would be worth it. Underwhelming result. Donny just sent files. She spelled "botanic garden" wrong. It was just like: "here you go, you figure out the graduated pages." Every time they met with Donny it was on her schedule. Linda begs Emily not to say I told you so.
  3. Linda wanted to do dishes of candy, chocolate covered candies, on every table with the arrangements. She also wanted to do desserts in addition to wedding cake. The rest of the group was fine with just cake and felt that candies on the table would look a little junky and detract from the foods.
    Like hello, no. Issue long debated, finally determined Linda could have a little extra dessert but no candy on the table.
  4. But Linda put up one hell of a fight. She drove up to Goodies all the way in Highland Park to get a sample and delivered a tray of goodies to Patrick and Em to try. She quickly called to ask what they liked the best.
    She had another recent attempt with another chocolate store in Geneva, IL where she had huge chocolate disks made with their initials. "That was the worst" -Ira
  5. Linda was really upset because she knew that candy on the tables had already been nixed. She was holding onto to this last glimmer of home. "I almost had them." Says Linda.
  6. Nikki told Linda that the bridal party often asks for snacks during photos so could Linda grab some granola bars in case anyone asks for food. So fast forward, they're assembling all the gift baskets, lots of action happening, Em's tying these ribbons on chocolate pretzels and m&ms. Patrick is confused, thinking these don't go in the gift baskets.
    Linda had taken Nikki's advice of granola bars to a new level and was now not only providing these goodies for the wedding party but every person riding the shuttle. Objections: 1) who is going to eat that on the bus? 2) if they did they'd be sick 3) some people will arrive and wonder why they didn't get any 4) where will they put them when they get off the shuttle? In the end, they decided to give the bags on the shuttle for the ride home. But then, they didn't have enough!
  7. But you didn't tell the whole nut story. (That wouldn't be worth it)
    Frankly, Linda thinks it would be worth it. She had gone to Costco to get nuts. Linda casually asked the mother of someone with nut allergies if that person would be riding the shuttle. The mother said no and asked why. Linda said because there were going to be nuts on the shuttle. The mother was like "uhh okay, then Ari won't be able to kiss anybody at the wedding."
  8. Everyone overruled Emily with a more exciting beef.
  9. Response cards with people asking for more specifics on the meal.
    Note: Does not include Millie who thoughtfully wrote a conditional.
  10. So obvious. What was Emily going to wear to the rehearsal dinner? All along Emily said: "I really want a casual dinner. I want to wear jeans and be comfortable." She told this many times to Paula and Tom. She was with her mom at the store. Right before her very eyes was a beautiful dress that was fancier than she wanted and not appropriate for BBQ.
    Emily said: I'll just try it on. It fit like a glove. Actually it didn't but with work it could get there. They bought it but Patrick wasn't happy. Patrick really wanted Emily to wear jeans. Em called Ira and told him she didn't know what to do, Patrick wanted Em to wear jeans but Linda wanted her to wear the dress. Linda said to Patrick: "do you just want to see the dress?" His first reaction was: "I don't really get the flower." He finally gave in because Linda strong armed him.