If I offend you, you just might be apart of the problem or just a sensitive Sally and let's face it... No one likes that bitch anyways. Moving on...
  1. Apparently they don't because they keep killing each other as if it is everyday normalcy.
  2. Where is the BLACK public outcry, protests and traffic blocks for your OWN people? (Crickets chirping in the distance)
  3. Let me remind you that only YOU are responsible for YOUR actions! YOU CHOOSE to get out of the "hood" or not NO ONE ELSE.
  4. For Christ sake.... Children are being murdered! None of these kids are ever going to be able to have any sort of future because of your senseless, careless, beyond ignorant actions.
  5. Is it that hard to be a law abiding citizen just like the rest of us? Shall I dumb it down for you? STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE A BRAIN AND ACTUALLY USE IT.
  6. Sick of being stereotyped? Quit making statistics.