Battlefield 1/Cod Rankings

An updated Power Rankings
  1. 1.
    Corey G Specht
    Corey has become engaged since the last posting. Rumor has it that his fiancé is pregnant and Corey had no choice but to buy the ring. Questions remain as to how fatherhood will affect him. Some say he will play more video games in order to send a message to both wife and child that he does what he wants. Strength - consistently at the top of the leaderboard in both score and laughs received. Weakness - Breathes heavily into mic. Is sometimes incoherent. Eggs on smiley and Wolff.
  2. 2.
    David J Wolff Jr., Esq.
    Has joined and Bumble in search of love like Smiley, Corey and Beej have (Ryan intentionally omitted). Wolff's rivalry with Smiley per usual is the talk of the town. Smiley has called him on numerous occasions to talk about how his day is going. Wolff's taken a big lead on the Smiley rivalry but there is still time for Smiley to step up. Strength - Consistently scores the most points. Great smile. Great at riding horse Weakness - Does his own thing. Whiner. Screams loud
  3. 3.
    Michael Smiley
    Michael has had a rough couple of months. After four months of third place finishes in cod, Smiley tried his luck at madden and was smoked by Blidi and Wolff. Smileys answer? Lie even more than ever. Everything that comes out of his mouth must be taken with skepticism. If Smiley tells you he won $1000 at the casino last night, I'm sure he actually won half that (and he told us that he was telling his wife $150). Strength - decent sniper. Plays a lot. Weakness - Liar. Does nothing. Quiet as mouse
  4. 4.
    Ryan Skelton
    Tough to put him at 4 but his Cod game was not as good as he usually was in past games. I hate putting a known liar ahead of him. Ryan is still a wonderful person and important part of the team. He works hard and is dedicated/reliable. His on field production is just down. The reason? I think we can all point back to one day, July 10, 2015. The day smiley married Brit. Since then Ry appears sad quite a bit. I've caught him crying twice when he thought his mic was muted moaning "Britttt...Britt"
  5. 5.
    Some say Beej is growing as both a person and a player. I'd say that person is a smiley(a known liar). Beej is as good a person as they come and has always been like that since I've known him. Hes not growing as a person because he's already at the top level. But he is growing as a player. Recipient of best dad 2016 award. The question is will it translate to wins. And the answer is no. We've got maybe a year or two left of beej until he starts coaching Taelyns soccer team. Enjoy it while we can