back in the 90's i was in a very famous tv show
  1. "lowes but like the animal version"
  2. vincent adultman as a whole
  3. the fountain in front of elefante
  4. hsac!wdtk?dtkt?lfo!
    every time it's mentioned, the entire episode, every callback, it's fucking genius
  5. what are you doing here?
  6. how many times will arnett had to say autoerotic asphyxiation
  7. tough break bj novak!
  8. every euphemism for autoerotic asphyxiation
    the 'funky spiderman' is my personal favorite
  10. jockjam doorslam
  11. the disgruntled news ticker writer for msnbsea
  12. maggot gyllenhal
  13. the fact that every single incidental character is patton oswalt
  14. i'm j goddamn d goddamn salinger
  15. the nixon security guard and his daddy issues
  16. llama del rey
  17. when no one could figure out what show david boreanaz was from
    Suggested by @pinkman
  18. when todd builds decapathon vii up to be this really intense game and it's literally just tetris
    Suggested by @pinkman
  19. bradley hitler-smith
    Suggested by @pinkman
  20. let them eat guns!
    Suggested by @pinkman
  21. when bojack asks if diane is the black sheep of her family and she responds "no, that's gary. he's adopted." and then gary is Literally A Sheep Who Is Black
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  22. Shapes And Colors The Likes Of Which I've Never Seen
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  23. "...and also it was my birthday"
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  24. the company mr. peanutbutter uses to have banners/t-shirts made consistently taking everything he says literally
    chronologically: "congrats diane and mister peanut butter peanut butter is one word;" "congrats diane and mister peanut butter peanut butter is one word don't write one word;" "happy birthday diane and use a pretty font;" "i had a ball at diane's 35th birthday and underline ball i don't know why this is so hard"
    Suggested by @pinkman