To Me, Happiness Is…

Everyone needs things which brings them a smile or at least a moment of pure joy.
  1. Knowing my wife is happy
  2. Knowing my kids are happy
  3. Dolphins!
  4. Thanksgiving & Christmas with the family
  5. Watching my kids smile on Christmas morning
  6. Being with my friends
  7. Canoe trip weekend
  8. Partying in Vegas with friends
  9. A delicious steak dinner
  10. 0-60 in 3.9 seconds
  11. Working our asses off doing what we love
  12. Relaxing with the dogs
  13. A lovely dinner with great friends
  14. An early morning round of golf
  15. Finishing a brutal workout
  16. Being secluded at the cabin
  17. Racing
  18. Watching the sunrise out of the front windows
  19. Watching the sunset through the back windows
  20. Remembering the best times with Mike