1. Car selfie
  2. Picture with random kid
  3. The term "FWB"
  4. A picture where they are flipping of the camera! (Very classy)
  5. Picture with random animals
  6. Picture smoking or person in picture passed out drunk
  7. Picture flexing muscles
  8. Nudity (it happens)
  9. A picture of someone in a group of the opposite sex
  10. A picture of someone at their wedding (this is self explanatory I think)
  11. A picture of someone at their baby shower
  12. A picture of someone with my grandma (oh wait that's my cousin- ew weird)
  13. Picture standing next to a vehicle that is obviously not your own
  14. The saying "older women know what they want" (yeah not you)
  15. A naked guy in a random car, flipping off the camera, smoking a cigarette, with a dog and a kid, flexing, going to his wedding and baby shower, with a group of women and one is my grandma asking for an older woman who knows what she wants to be his fwb