Places other than the sketchy downtown casinos
  1. University of Nevada, Reno
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    UNR has a beautiful campus, amazing academics, and fantastic sports teams. If you are looking for a college or just visiting, check out UNR. You may be surprised how impressive it is!
  2. Lake Tahoe
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    Technically it's not part of Reno, but a 30-40 minute drive to this beautiful vacation location. Being so close to the crystal-clear, sandy beaches of the mountain paradise is worth coming to Reno itself.
  3. Mount Rose
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    The closest ski resort to the city usually gets the most snow in the area. It's a great place to hit the slopes if you are an expert or still on the bunny hill.
  4. Midtown
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    A lot of people don't realize that Reno has started develop from a sketchy, casino ridden city to a college town with lots of character. Although a lot of casinos are still around, much of downtown has changed from the better. There are museums, beautiful old houses, coffee shops, restaurants, and unique shops in Midtown.
  5. Sundance Bookstore and Music
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    This charactered house was converted into a bookstore. Here you can find great books, records, and other knickknacks. The atmosphere is friendly and dogs are welcome. One can spend many hours exploring and reading in the welcoming environment.
  6. The Hub
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    This is probably my favorite coffee shop in Reno. You can enjoy deliciously brewed coffee or tea in outside under the trees by the beautiful Truckee River. Or, stay inside and enjoy the unique atmosphere.
  7. Reno
    Reno sometime gets a bad rep. Sure, it has it's fair share of seedy motels and dirty casinos, but it is also developing into a college town with a lot of cool places and opportunities.