My Christmas Eve Miracle

  1. First, let me preface this by saying a tradition in our family is to have a crab feast on Christmas Eve with the whole family and then open presents from each other after.
  2. Last year around this time my grandpa, whom we call Poppy, was diagnosed with a severe type of bile-duct and pancreatic cancer.
  3. On Christmas Eve, he gave all eight of his granddaughters beautiful silver bracelets with a heart in the center.
  4. At this time, Poppy was weak but I never imagined that it would be our last Christmas together.
  5. Well, a few days later when I was busy putting all my presents away, I misplaced the bracelet and when I realized it was gone I was not too worried because I figured it would turn up soon enough. It never did.
  6. Three months passed and Poppy's condition continued to decline. He spend weeks in the hospital and eventually spent his last days in a hospice bed at home.
  7. He died in late March. Those few months between the diagnosis and his passing seemed like a haze of darkness. Looking back, the months seemed to pass so slowly and so quickly at same time.
  8. My Poppy was --and still is--a man beloved by his family, friends, students, colleagues, and just about every person he met in his life.
  9. One thousand of his closest friends attended his funeral services. Looking at the crowded church, I saw what an impact his life had on so many others.
  10. Flash forward to Christmas Eve, 2015. I couldn't find my glasses so I pulled back my bed to look for them and there, sitting perfectly in the corner, was the silver bracelet my grandfather had given me.
  11. I found that bracelet again exactly a year --even to the hour--after he gave it to me.
  12. Coincidence, maybe. However I think that last night Poppy was sitting with us, eating crab and opening presents with the beautiful family that he and my grandma built. For Christmas, he blessed me with finding the bracelet as a reminder that his spirit will always be with me, especially this Christmas, the first since he has been gone.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone, and may you live you life with kindness and meaning and may you bless the lives of those around you.