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Humans that I like to spend time with usually eating or lounging
  1. Sallis Barris
  2. John Jack
  3. Amelia Bedelia
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Things I'm cynical about
  1. Not being "good with names"
    You remembered that there is a 5 for $35 panty sale at Victoria's Secret but we've had class together all semester and you don't know what to call me? Cool.
  2. ICE Sparkling Juice is made with not that many ingredients
    That stuff is so flavorful and deeeelicious. My brain doesn't understand!
  3. People are still entertained with the "Real Housewives" shenanigans
    Seriously? There has to be like 27482 spin-offs by now. And another thing: who even watches these shows?
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  1. Oreos
  2. Sugar drinks
  3. Playing cards
    Sometimes UNO
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  1. There is no one I can relate more to or get closer with than my sister, Ellen
  2. The man I called grandpa my whole life is not, in fact, my grandpa but a man who adopted my father
  3. I can spend alotttt of hours alone and be okay with it
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The scene takes place in small town USA, Norfolk, Nebraksa
  1. Jesse
    A friend of a work friend who asked to go get coffee with me. He shows up in a walrus shirt with his septum pierced and tells me to "get one of everything on the menu if I want". Slightly overzealous, he also says he would sit and watch me paint for fun. Needless to say, he texted and called but I gently(?)shut him down. I haven't heard from him since the most recent "liked" picture on fb.
  2. Colton
    Pig farmer in my speech class asked me out to lunch after I kicked BUTT delivering a speech. I give him my number and he asks to go to a movie instead. (I am VERY against this but agree anyway) He picks me up from my apartment with a terrrrrrrrible haircut. He slaps my thigh to hold his hand during the movie and I reject him OBVIOUSLY. We are there to see Black Mass. (Look it up, I do not recommend for a first date) He drops me off and we pretend it never happened the next day in class. Boom.
  3. Sam (the one that got away)
    Oh, Sam. We met on my first day of college and hit it off...or so I thought. Soon enough, he asked for my number and we went rollerblading the next day. I almost fell at least 15 times...not even a cute like "catch me, I'm falling". I was super sweaty and we went back to my apartment and cuddled while listening to music. I was going home(Lincoln) the next weekend, so I said "Text me 😍" as he walked out the door. I never heard from him but saw him in class for the rest of the semester. Ouch.
  1. Regret everything I didn't do
  1. Isabelle Grace, 3 years old
    Said child genius
  2. Lillian Claire, 9 months old
    The chubbier version of Isabelle
  3. "I am going to hang my binoculars on this structure."
    Informing me that the binoculars she wore around her neck were kept on a door handle in her room.
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