How to survive a murder of a loved one. #rememberingmamma

When you lose a parent, people tell you it's a natural progression of life. True, however, HOW you lose that parent does make a difference. Walking into a crime scene in your own home is not how you want to lose your parents. Yes murder but after 3 years I still have my Faith and trying to be "normal". This is how to cope the first month...
  1. One hour at a time
    Just take deep breaths and know that you will get through this not one day at time but hour by hour
  2. Ask for prayers
    Yes people will pray for you but it's ok to ask for prayers. This does bring comfort to your soul.
  3. Cry out loud
    It's ok to do honestly. Men it really is ok to do
  4. Stay close to loved ones
    This is a time where the rest of the family and friends really matter.