inspired by me making a quality "serenity now" reference and getting blank stares in return.
  1. George dates a girl for Hamilton tickets, but she talks throughout the entire show. Kramer learns his yelp reviews are being filtered out of the ratings: "THEY'RE HIDING THE TRUTH JERRY!"
  2. Kramer starts his own podcast and it quickly becomes the most popular subscription. Elaine realizes she dated Martin Shkreli.
  3. Kramer pitches an instant streaming app that only has commercials and gets VC funding. Jerry spends the entire episode trying to unsubscribe from tidal but they keep sending him emails for free trials.
  4. Elaine's sweater is too ugly for an ugly sweater christmas party. George wears sunglasses and suits and keeps getting mistaken for Pitbull. Jerry thinks Hamilton is overrated.
  5. Kramer and Frank start selling festivus poles on etsy. Elaine accidentally swipes right on Newman. Jerry's new girlfriend says the word hashtag out loud.
  6. Newman delays everyone's Amazon Prime packages. George refuses to upgrade to a phone with emojis and just keeps seeing blank boxes.
  7. Elaine accidentally likes a 57 week old instagram post. Kramer becomes a postmate and changes everyone's orders because he "knows what the people really want".
  8. George tries to meet women in the whole foods bulk aisle. Elaine gets a black eye after she drops her iPad on her face. Jerry's new girlfriend makes him line up for a new restaurant that doesn't take reservations.
  9. Elaine tells her younger coworker her favorite member of one direction is "Henry". Jerry and George try to delete the U2 album off their phones.
  10. Jerry's girlfriend refers to herself as "28 years young". Kanye West follows Kramer on Twitter. Elaine gets into an eBay bidding war with Newman.