1. Elaine can't solve a captcha and no else can either. George's girlfriend refuses to use her own profile on Netflix and messes up his recommendations: "IT WAS PERFECT JERRY! NOW, IT'S CUPCAKE WARS AND GIGLI! GIGLI!"
  2. Jerry's new girlfriend is obsessed with mason jars and he can't understand why. She breaks up with him when he points out that it would be more efficient to buy what she needed instead of DIYing it. Elaine yells at teenagers texting during a movie and gets kicked out.
  3. George is convinced that he's not getting two full scoops when he orders double meat at Chipotle. Kramer and Newman start selling OpenTable reservations.
  4. Elaine's boyfriend has his read receipts on and she confronts him about it. George meets a woman in an UBERpool and spends the entire episode taking ubers hoping to see her again but only runs in to tourists (who mistake him for Pitbull).
  5. Kramer starts printing out all of Wikipedia "because you can't trust the Internet anymore". Elaine's coworkers ice her out after she describes Channing Tatum as "just alright".
  6. Jerry's new girlfriend takes her MacBook whenever she goes to the bathroom. Elaine starts paying people to sign up for new apps using her promo codes. Kramer sells knockoff nespresso pods.
  7. George tries to use a groupon to pay on the first date. Elaine accidentally swipes right on Newman. Jerry thinks Adele is overrated.
  8. Kramer starts selling half priced guacamole outside of Chipotle during the lunch rush. Elaine's new boyfriend is low carb and makes everything with protein powder and cauliflower.
  9. ~i just have a lot of seinfeld nostalgia~