1. guy playing some role playing game on his laptop with beautiful mind level intensity
    wow if you were in charge of my neopets they would never have starved
  2. guy who is wearing a hat with the sticker still on the brim
    that was not even cool in 2009
  3. guy who is snapchatting with zero shame
    am sure your friends really want to know that it's 73 degrees in this room
  4. guy who is watching a soccer game from the late 90s on youtube
    i will never understand why you do this
  5. guy bragging about some party he went to last night
    new drinking game: take a shot everytime he says "bro it was sick"
  6. guy listening to guy bragging about some party he went to last night
    amendment to drinking game: take two shots everytime this guy says "damn" while nodding his head
  7. guy who is paying attention
    you make me almost want to be a better person
  8. guy who looks vaguely like liam from one direction
    your face is the only reason i come to class. my attendance grade thanks you.
  9. guy who asks questions right before class ends
    hey baby now we got bad blood
  10. guy who is making incredibly interesting amazon purchases
    a manatee tea infuser?? a beer brewing kit?? a drake bobblehead?? yaaas but also whyy??