1. Guy who refuses to hold on to anything and loses his balance every time the train stops and bumps into someone
  2. Cuddling couple taking up a lot of space
    There is very little space between the two of you, yet you are taking up so much room?? Plz explain??
  3. Guy eating a baker's dozen of donuts right next to the "NO FOOD" sign
    This is frowned upon and also just mean when it's 7 AM and I haven't had breakfast yet
  4. Guy who has a walkman
    Where are you commuting from?? 1995??
  5. The guy who gets on the bus just to sit next to me, tell me an involved story about how he needs money, and immediately disembarks once I give it to him
    Suggested by @aprilyee
  6. The guy who sits up at the front and chats up the driver all the way until his stop, gets off at the front of the bus.
    Suggested by @aprilyee
  7. The dude who tries to pass off an expired transfer slip as valid and the bus driver lets him on because he's too apathetic to care
    Sometimes he gives him a new transfer, too, haha.
    Suggested by @aprilyee
  8. The girl who uses the seat beside her as a resting place for her large purse on a standing room only vehicle.
    Had to get a girl on this list of offenders.
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  9. The person audibly laughing at what they are listening to/reading every 5 minutes
    Do they want me to know they're having a fun morning? To ask them what they're reading? To awkwardly grin at them? I don't get it...
    Suggested by @MandyKN