(in addition to making lists)
  1. look up formerly famous celebrities on google trends
  2. read front page yahoo articles
    new study shows that *insert beverage here* may be better for you than previously thought but even newer study shows that *insert beverage here* is worse for you than previously thought
  3. clean out photos on my phone
    so many screenshots + all these selfies are the same how do i make sure i keep the best one
  4. set up google alerts
    "current events are important" i whisper as i set up an alert for "zayn and gigi break up"
  5. watch TED talks
    i have seen one video about mindfulness aka i feel fully qualified to become your personal meditation guru.
  6. scroll through facebook
    how do i know so many libertarians.
  7. read imdb pages
    justin timberlake starred in a disney channel movie called model behavior
  8. search for things on amazon
    i can get spherical ice cube molds in two days?? i love the twenty first century.
  9. Make a list on the List app
    Suggested by @hannatalonen