1. How did Property Brothers even get started? Was there a meeting where some HGTV exec was "hmm we need another show about flipping houses, but we need a hook" and another guy was like "what about brothers" and the first guy is like "hmm that's not edgy enough, i know we'll make them canadian twins"
  2. Also, how do we really know there are two of them?? WHAT IF WE'RE GETTING CLEVER SPECIAL EFFECTS A LA THE PARENT TRAP?? I mean have you ever seen Drew at a construction site...they're in the same place for at most 10 minutes per episode...
  3. How does HGTV even exist?? It's basically an entire channel dedicated to houses?? Here are pretty ones, here are not-so-pretty ones, but nothing granite countertops can't fix!!
  4. Does the human obsession with granite countertops have anything to do with when we lived in caves?? Were granite caves evolutionarily better?? Is this natural selection?? BRB Pitching "Darwinian Design" starring the property brother's older brother.
    Granite does come from caves right??