Great list suggestion BJ!
  1. Run three miles in 30 minutes and patient enough to stretch after
  2. Put together a cool new outfit with old items of clothes that made me excited to go to work
  3. McDonalds breakfast, #1 and sriracha from work + cinnamon melts
  4. I did not feel anxious about the future or the past
  5. I made Wilson the grip laugh
  6. I knew all my lines
  7. Dad texts me the headlines of his favorite NYT articles
  8. A great pop song id forgotten comes on the radio, like "Into The Great Wide Open" by tom petty
  9. Remembered a new memory about my mom
  10. strip steak and fries w Tabasco at Chateau and 2 Moscow mules. Sticky toffee pudding dessert, didn't have to share it
  11. Watch two episodes of a violent drama show I like, Boardwalk or Walking Dead