These are actors that will make me more likely to see a movie
  1. Emma Thompson
    Have seen her in everything. even when she plays a nanny or something in a kids movie and I'm like a total pedo for watching it.
  2. Irrfan Khan
    In my opinion, the greatest living actor. I will even see subtitled movies for this guy, which I usually hate, because I think I'm a little xenophobic maybe? The Lunchbox and The Namesake slay me.
  3. Bradley Cooper
    Bradley is radly, says I. He has never been bad, I don't think. Plus remember Sack Lodge!
  4. Alessandro Nivola
    He's just great. I also have this feeling he's really really rich and won't like, do movies unless he loves the script.
  5. Tyler Perry
    As Madea or this new somber suave guy he is now getting cast as. He gives me what I want.
  6. Judi Dench
    Notes on a Scandal and Philomena are two of my top ten favorite movies. Also she's great when she's giving Daniel Craig shit in those humorless Bond movies, too.
  7. Emily Blunt & Joseph Gordon Levitt
    I love these slightly built sweethearts. Emily Blunt is so versatile and seems like she would be fun at a bachelorette party. Jogo seems like he's obsessed with learning his lines and preparing his character. Both have great taste and probably drive their agents crazy spending forever picking parts.