I loved answering these! Thanks for asking @gabimoskowitz
  1. Fit is everything
    Whether I'm wearing Alaia or Madewell, my clothes are all tailored. Every skirt is taken up an inch. Especially coats! Using a tailor is way cheaper than you think! I see mine about once a month and we spend an hour going through heaps of clothes. I feel more excited about my clothes because they've all been tailored to my body and I feel like a real put-together lady.
  2. Skin to win
    Sal always wants me to show a little skin. For me it's a lot of leg, and sometimes cleavage, but since I don't have a lot, just a whole lotta collar bone area. I wear my shirts buttoned really low, I don't care if people see my bra. Why should I? My bras are awesome.
  3. Long hair and lots of it
    Sal likes one hairstyle: lots and lots of slightly wavy hair, very long, worn loose. If it were up to him I would always look like a Hawaiian hula girl. My hair is like a mini cape on any outfit I wear.
  4. Mix prints
    Floral and stripes? Sure! Polka dots and plaid? Yup! The only rule we follow is that the size of the print should contrast, ie large floral with smaller polka dots etc
  5. Spend money on knits
    My character is 5 months pregnant and I haven't had to wear maternity clothes because she wears really well-made knit dresses by DVF and missoni. A great knit dress expands and hugs your curves, the same principle behind yoga pants.
  6. Own a simple pointy pump in every color
    To wear color block styles, I have found it incredibly useful to own a pump in every color I can find. When Saks or Neimans have a sale, usually you can find the brightly colored Jimmy choos or Manolos for sale because no one wants bright yellow or coral pumps. That's when I snatch 'em. They are the best coordinating basics.
  7. Have one piece of expensive jewelry you wear like 75% of the time.
    I wear a diamond "M" necklace pretty much every episode and layer other stuff on top of it.