1. Obi wan Kenobi's light saber
  2. I'm staying in the Ansel Adams Room and there are photos on the wall and it took me a second to realize: oh, they're not prints like I would buy on they're REAL ANSEL ADAMS'S because George Lucas is rich as hell
  3. Charlie Chaplin's cane and hat
  4. The library at Skywalker Ranch has a gorgeous stained glass window ceiling. While it was built, George's wife Marcia Lucas (an Oscar-winning editor for Star Wars) met and fell in love with the stained glassmaker, this guy Tom Rodrigues. Marcia is gone but the stained glass ceiling remains. Haunting!
  5. I saw Inside Out and I loved it. I wept like three times. I can't wait for you guys to see!
  6. The wine at dinner was Skywalker Wine. There is a vineyard here. I guess once you reach a level of success in movies you open a vineyard. If I get crazy successful my vineyard will be "Kaling's Hard Lemmys".
  7. The rooms are named after artists who inspired George Lucas. There's Norman Rockwell, John Huston, Ella Fitzgerald, Akira Kurosawa and so many cool people, and Dorothy Parker! I was like: really, George Lucas, you were inspired by DOROTHY PARKER?
  8. Pete Docter left a note for me and this is the illustration he did of my character!
  9. This tiny rocking chair.