An Annie Hall-less list, for originality reasons. Suggested by BJ.
  1. Bridget Jones' Diary
    A movie as good as the book, and in some ways even better because Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were better than the Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy of your mind
  2. You've Got Mail
    This is not a guilty pleasure! As Quentin Tarantino said, there are no guilty pleasures, only pleasures. F.O.X.
  3. The American President
    Michael J Fox and Anna Deavere Smith chatting at craft services! Aaron Sorkin at video village in a baseball cap! Annette Bening in black leggings! Picturing the on-set dynamic of this movie is almost as fun as actually seeing it!
  4. The Princess Bride
    Page for page the best written romantic comedy script, in my opinion
  5. The Apartment
    Classic. Structurally perfecto. Amazing callbacks. Shirley MacLaine's glorious pixie bob. Jack Lemmon straining spaghetti in a tennis racket!
  6. A League Of their Own
    The only bad part was that Tom and Geena didn't hook up. What are you gonna do.
  7. The Holiday
    Glorious chemistry between Kate Winslet and Jack Black. I love a story built around temporary subletting.
  8. Strictly Ballroom
    Real weird and so good. Gets you primed for Silver linings Playbook.
  9. Silver linings Playbook
    I don't care if you have a real bad mental illness, Bradley Cooper, I'll dance with you. Beautifully written.