I have many many more I'm sure
  1. When Michael is Santa and Kevin sits on his lap asking for presents
  2. When Andy Bernard is somewhat convinced he is gay and demands Michael tell him. "Michael! Am I gay?!?"
  3. Anything with Hank the security guard
  4. When Dwight hits the pole in his car and gets out and throws up.
  5. Prison Mike. "I waited for him to go to soccer practice. Then, I pounced."
  6. Pam doing Michael's presentation in Holly's branch. Jenna so so funny in this.
  7. Jim and Dwight shoving each other in a talking head when they are made heads of the party planning committee
  8. Dwight bursting out of the snow man and attacking jim with snowballs
  9. When Michael and Dwight take Ryan back to his apartment in NYC to take care of him when Ryan has taken too many drugs.