At least girls like me who are kind of girly in a predictable way. Tried to do different price ranges!
  1. Edie Parker clutch customized with her name, or your pet name for her
  2. Your favorite text exchange printed out in color and framed nicely
  3. Clare Vivier leather travel bag monogrammed with her initials
  4. Dinner at her favorite restaurant with you and her best friend and when you toast her you mention why you like their friendship so much
  5. Learning to play her favorite song on a whimsical instrument like a recorder or a ukulele. Piano or guitar works too. If you sing, great. If not, tell her you want her to sing it.
  6. Opal earrings
  7. John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl
  8. Stella MacCartney matching bra and panties
  9. If you're a nice guy, when you come home from work, say "Come here, you little bitch." And then kiss the fuck out of her. ONLY if you are a nice guy.
  10. A box of chocolate covered orange peels from Li-lac chocolates
  11. A breadmaker or ice cream maker.
  12. When you know her drink and order it for her. She can order her own dinner, but you can order her drink! Also if you get it wrong, no big deal. Who doesn't like extra drinks.