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  1. Dwayne Johnson
    He's a new midwife nurse at the Deslauriers. He helps Mindy give birth and she kisses him in gratitude.
  2. Flashback episode. 2007, Mindy crashes a Charlotte Ronson trunk show at The Bowery Hotel, drinks too much champagne, plants a smooch on a surprised Mark while he's mid-conversation with Mos Def, Jimmy Fallon and his sister @samantha. Mindy is thrown out.
  3. Idris Elba
    Season 2. Mindy meets the CEO of a Warby Parker type eyeglass company outside of "Speak No More". She is complaining that "no one sexy interacted with me. Why'd I even pay for this crap?". Until he does.
  4. Flashback episode. Eric is a sophomore at Harvard Westlake and hired to babysit a seven year old Mindy Lahiri. She insists on a goodnight kiss before she goes to sleep.
  5. Kevin Hart
    Mindy's trainer to lose baby weight. He's constantly yelling at her and sits in her back when she does push ups.
  6. Tom Hanks
    An architect Mindy sees on the subway, absorbed in a copy of "House of Mirth" and eating a pack of sour straws. Mindy approaches him and he disappears. He was a ghost.
  7. Tom Hardy
    Suggested by @alibaron
  8. Dominic west
    Suggested by @jennikonner
  9. Micky Mouse
    Mindy got trapped in a room with nitrous oxide and is hallucinating. Micky told her that the only way to go back home is to kiss him.
    Suggested by @aedan
  10. @JimmyFallon in a flashback episode we see Mindy snuck into Moomba in 2002 where jimmy and Leonardo dicaprio are getting bottle service on a weeknight. Mindy pounces on him and begs him to play the guitar.