Makeup musts for the out-and-about dark skinned woman.
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    Giorgio Armani foundation maestro in 9.
    The most light and silky foundation of all time. My favorite makeup product in the world. Perfect for light coverage and looking natural and luminous.
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    Julie Hewitt lipstick in sin noir
    Your new essential. Vamp it up like Cookie from Empire. "I'm a get what's mine."
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    Tom Ford eye color quad in coco mirage
    I use this every day on the show to build a base of for my "no makeup" looks. For as we all know, men love "no makeup" bc they have no idea what they're talking about.
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    Black Up cream to powder foundation
    This line is from France like the Coneheads. For now you have to go to their site and have them send you samples. If you have oily skin like me (and a lot of other dark skinned women) you will love this! Full coverage.
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    Benefit brow kit in Dark
    I have like three eyebrow hairs. This kit is a must to make me look not like Joan Crawford. Wax on the left and powder to finish on the right.
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    T LeClerc pressed powder in banane
    The only pressed powder in the game, in my opinion. "In the game" is the new Bill Simmonsy way I talk now. Makes makeup look flawless, adds no cake whatsoever. For yellow undertones in dark skin, you NEED to buy this even though it's a little hard to find. Yellow undertones: me, Winnie the Pooh, etc
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    Tatcha Japanese face papers
    Just jam these in your Edie Parker when you don't have room for powder. no one likes shine except for on décolletage on Ashley Judd in A Time To Kill.
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    MAC lipstick in RiRi Woo
    From Rihanna's MAC line. Perfect red for a night you don't need your lipstick to stay on your lips heh heh
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    Kat von D lipstick in Bauhaus
    Can you believe that I put kat von d makeup on here?! I know!! But it's really good! An interesting coincidence is that goth girl makeup is actually pretty, appropriate makeup on dark skinned women. This is a perfect nighttime dark pink. Do it. A great line of cosmetics!
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    Kevyn Aucoin "sensual concealer" in 13 and 14
    Strangely named; indispensable to my makeup routine. Literally the best concealer out there. My weekend "no makeup" look is nothing without this. A must.
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    Cover Girl lip liner in sublime
    I feel like I got this free in a bowl in the bathroom of a Hollywood party. No matter. It's the greatest texture and evens your lip tone so any lipstick looks perfect over it. I have like 30 shades of brown and pink in my natural lips. It's maddening. This is super helpful.
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    YSL touché éclat highlighter in 3
    Yep! The one and only. They used to not make this dark enough which was a bummer, racially. Not anymore! What is a highlighter? Puts a little smidge under your brow bone or in the inner corner of your eye to look alert and all angular.
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    Smash box contour palette
    For easy to do contouring. We can all be Oprah, baby!
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    Bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner
    Glides onto the eye so perfectly. Great as a precise line or to smudge no make smoky. Also, it's pure true black, but when I wash my face it actually comes off, rather than leaving a ring around my eyes like I'm from Trainspotting.
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    Nars eye shadow in Dolomites
    For my "I wanna look like lupita" mornings. This is a subtle and feminine eye shadow duo that works on every dark skin tone. 2015 will be about the smoky non-black daytime eye look.
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    Hourglass primer
    If you have dark skin, you likely have oily skin, and who has time for that noise? I don't! This is so light and glides on easy.
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    Do all this to look like this ---> 💁🏾