1. Sour apple candy straws
  2. Pepperoni bagel bites
  3. Around 11am, Sarah our 2nd AD brings over a mixed plate of hot food from crafty for @david_stassen @IkeBarinholtz and me. Can include: chicken fingers, potstickers, taquitos
  4. Messina eats those natures valley granola bars that are crunchy and only a horse would like, but now I kind of like them
  5. Sambal Oelek hot sauce
  6. Kookaburra licorice
  7. If someone has a baby or gets a promotion we have Cookie Casa chocolate chip and walnut cookies, so good, my god
  8. Pretzels and Nutella
  9. Slim Jim's (only @JeremyBronson and I eat these)
  10. @IkeBarinholtz eats big league chew, disgusting