1. The business center of my hotel
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    Bad choice. One step in and I feel instantly like a pedophile
  2. Jack's Wife, Freda
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    Best food and best atmosphere of any restaurant for lunch. Bright and cheerful, clanging dish sounds, ethnic but has great French fries, and when you ask for hot sauce it's homemade and it's green
  3. Chanel on Spring
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    Almost bought these sunglasses, @bjnovak said they were "a little weird".
  4. Laduree
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    Sweets were great, decor like a beautiful high class French bordello, but I think Im too impatient to eat here again. It felt more appropriate for me to go with my daughter on say, the day she starts to menstruate
  5. Camper
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    Do I love these and need to wear them everywhere? Or are they ugly as hell? I'm obsessed either way
  6. Crosby Street Hotel
    That wallpaper life. The wallpaper here is like wrapping paper! Didn't take a phot because the people were too cool looking and I didn't want them to see me.