1. When you fall asleep during SNL and wake up during Night at the Apollo
  2. When you order salad and they give you fries instead
  3. When you leave your makeup bag on the plane and have to go to Sephora and re-buy everything
  4. When you're going to a party completely against your will, and you're certain you'll do an Irish Exit like five minutes in, and after one drink you meet some cool and funny people
  5. When you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and end up caring deeply about the players and the outcome of the game
  6. When you assume an actress is just a skinny neurotic food-allergy-having stereotype, and they end up being great (this has happened a couple times, I'm ashamed to say)
  7. When you watch a movie on a plane that everyone panned and its a actually great and you realize you should stop reading reviews