I want these people to pose for these photos.
  1. Pacino & DeNiro
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    I want @bj and @IkeBarinholtz to slick back their hair, have Sal dress them, and take this photo
  2. Veronica at the end of Heathers
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    @lenadunham would look cool as shit doing this
  3. Elinor & Marianne Dashwood
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    I'm enlisting @zoe and @maya
  4. Mark Darcy & Bridget Jones
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    I don't know, me and like, Oscar Isaac, probably? I mean, if I HAVE TO
  5. Iconic Trainspotting photo
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    All the Harry Potter actors
  6. Gone Girl sugar storm
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    @AllisonWilliams and Idris would be very sexy to me
  7. Dan in real life pancakes
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    Hugh Laurie I think