In honor of List App going public, here are all the men Mindy Lahiri has dated, in chronological order.
  1. Tom McDougall (Bill Hader)
    The "inciting incident boyfriend". Tom helped kick off the pilot. He left Mindy for a younger girl and Mindy ruined his wedding. Fun fact: while shooting the pilot, Bill told me about this top secret part he was doing for a Pixar movie about emotions. I was so jealous.
  2. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks)
    Jeremy was such a rake before the series started. Then we realized rakes aren't as funny as neurotic fancy guys who are obsessed with order and decorum.
  3. Dennis (Ed Helms)
    Sweet Dennis, who fell down a flight of stairs on Thanksgiving and whom Mindy attacked with kisses. Ed was so funny in the pilot we brought him back for more punishment.
  4. Matt (Seth Meyers)
    The most mysterious of Mindy's meet-cutes. Could have perhaps been the man of her dreams, but she had to cancel her date because she got punched in the face.
  5. Josh Daniels (Tommy Dewey)
    Mindy's first serious boyfriend, the obnoxious, drug-addicted, improbably charming sports attorney. He picked Mindy up with the line "I'm trying to guess your job based on your build. Are the mistress of a black congressman?".
  6. Evan (Ben Rodgers)
    Poor Evan witnessed a horse death with Mindy. Nothing kills a romantic night in Central Park than a horse named Peanut Butter getting put down in front of you.
  7. Brendan Deslauriers (Mark Duplass)
    I hate the term "hate fuck" but that was kind of what Mindy and Brendan were doing for a bit season two. Writers loved the midwives from upstairs played by Mark and Jay Duplass, and they are so delightful we write them in whenever they are free.
  8. Jamie (B.J. Novak)
    Latin professor with unexpected romantic streak, this wide-eyed boyfriend was actually in love with his best friend Lucy. Played by @bjnovak, he was always nattily dressed in a million layers of tweed. Fun fact: @bjnovak is my real life best friend.
  9. Sam Kleinfeld (Seth Rogen)
    Dreamy, perfect Sam was Mindy's first love and pen pal from Jewish summer camp. He visited Mindy season one before shipping off to Afghanistan. Debated Caddyshack with Mindy and fell out of a window.
  10. Stevie (Bill Tangradi)
    Danny's childhood friend who was after Mindy for her money and her access to prescription pads. Lives with his mom is Staten Island. Through him we learned Danny's nickname is "Little D", and that Danny was an angry, chubby little boy.
  11. Adam (Josh Meyers)
    Sweet-tempered prostitute who Mindy accidentally picked up at a bar. Is probably dead now.
  12. Casey (Anders Holm)
    Fan and writer favorite and Mindy's first fiancée, played by @Ders808. A hip-hop pastor with equal parts flirty and devoted to God. Broke Mindy's heart because of his flaky, ethereal spirit. Now he is a sneaker mogul in Los Angeles.
  13. Paul Leotard (James Franco)
    Straight up weirdo. Slept with Danny's ex-wife, Christina.
  14. Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz)
    In a depressed state after Casey, Mindy believed that hooking up with Morgan would let her meet the man of her dreams. @IkeBarinholtz fended off a predatorial Mindy by trapping her in a pizza box.
  15. Jason Richman (Ben Feldman)
    An arts writer for a Village Voice type newspaper, Jason made fun of Mindy for liking Katy Perry, but then later memorably played "Teenage Dream" on the ukulele for her.
  16. Graham (Timothy Olyphant)
    A skateboarder with a line of skateboards called Pregnant Mermaid, Graham went on a disastrous double date with Mindy, Danny, and national treasure Vanessa Bayer, playing the worlds most boring woman. Straight up sexiest guy that's ever been on the show.
  17. Cliff Gilbert (Glenn Howerton)
    One of the most popular boyfriends of the show, Cliff was an divorce attorney who worked down the hall from Shulman and Associates. Cynical and funny, we created Cliff with the idea "what if an Aaron Sorkin character lived in our world"? Fun fact: His name is the name of my beloved attorney, Cliff Gilbert-Lurie.
  18. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina)
    The one and only. Once said loudly on the subway: "I would never marry that woman."
  19. Lee (Max Greenfield)
    Mindy's only one night stand. Named after writer friend Lee Eisenberg.
  20. Charlie Lang (Tim Daly)
    Wonderful Charlie Lang taught Mindy she didn't need a man to do things for her, and out-Staten Island-ed Danny. One of my favorite boyfriends, and played by massive adolescent crush, Tim Daly. Fun fact: his name comes from the two first names of writers @Lang and @CBGrandy. Creative, huh?
  21. Alex Eakin (Lee Pace)
    The man Mindy lost her virginity to, as a 23 year old visiting her alma mater Princeton. Kind of a loser in college, Alex went on to become a smokin hot tech millionaire and to help found Facebook, and is likely an investor in Listapp.
  22. Matt Sherman (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
    A reality show producer who has a staggering 8 Emmys for working on Real Housewives, he is Mindy's dream man... In an alternate reality!