These are things I've noticed we say a lot.
  1. "Guys, I'm about to say something and it's going to sound racist."
  2. "I'm too young to understand that reference."
  3. "I'm sorry, is it like INSANELY hot in here?!"
  4. "(Said unconvincingly) I thought it was cool."
  5. "Matt, please, please. Please let us do it. Please, Matt."
  6. Low moaning from eating too much
  7. "Sure it's a good show, great acting, but it's not a comedy. There are no JOKES."
  8. "What's going on? Is anything cool or sexy happening?"
  9. "If we get through this act we can watch that YouTube clip/gossip about that one comedy writers girlfriend we all dislike/go on the King Kong ride"
  10. "JT, where is lunch?! It's 11:45!! We are starving to death!"
  11. "All the girls think he's such a cute nice guy, but @david_stassen is the worst most disgusting writer of us all!"
  12. "Well, this one time at Scarsdale High..."
    Suggested by @chris
  13. "That's so fucking funny" - indicating best pitch of all time
    Suggested by @chris
  14. "That's funny" - indicating a pitch so bad you should kill yourself
    Suggested by @chris
  15. "I wanna go with you guys so bad, but I gotta get home to the wife and kids. [Wife] is really sick and overwhelmed."
  16. "Ooh la la" @chris don't you think?