This weekend I packed up items for my cute godson Makua's Easter basket. He lives across the country so I never get to see him. That's why even though I'm not Christian, I get in on these holidays.
  1. Blue bunny ears with sequins
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    Wasn't sure if these are too girly for a baby boy. then I thought, he lives in Carroll Gardens I could get him a tutu if I wanted, even this question is offensive.
  2. A papier mâché Egg with a vintage Swedish design from Sockerbit
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    Filled with yummy Sockerbit candies
  3. A very dopey looking chocolate Easter bunny.
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    Look at the teeth on this dum dum.
  4. Two angry looking Swedish triceratops and a tyrannosaurus
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  5. Crocodile shorts
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    I just saw them and thought they were cool as hell.
  6. An Easter love note
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    Mushy inside, he won't really care about this at all.
  7. Cadbury creme eggs
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    I feel like @joce won't let him eat these because they have corn syrup in them and I think that's incredibly unfair
  8. This is Makua and his mom @joce.
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    Look at your own risk. They're killers. So cute it hurts