pedo is not all that related to pedophile
  1. You're too into Alicia Vikander
  2. You like Black Swan too much
  3. Lolita is your favorite book
  4. Those tiny cheeses wrapped in foil
  5. Shel Silversteins weird author photos on all his books
  6. Suspenders
  7. American Girl doll restaurant
  8. If anyone but a young girl plays the triangle
  9. The Reading Rainbow opening credits but not the show
  10. Small Wonder
  11. Leo di Caprio on Growing Pains
    What was he, the foster kid? didn't the whole family want to have sex with him? Pedo!
  12. The Little Prince
  13. Fancy indie toy stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn where the toys are like made of colorful Scandinavian wood and no kid would actually want to play with them
  14. The movie Manhattan
  15. Sometimes if I get a sweet and genuine compliment from a colleague like "I like your haircut.", I will jokingly reply: "Back off, pedo."