1. Chocolate tapioca pudding
    A dream.
  2. "Indian Candy"
    It's that candied and smoked salmon they sell in the fish section. It sounds disgusting and is legit slimy and might be racially insensitive too but it's so good.
  3. Farmers market green smoothie
    @soniakharkar gives this to me every morning with my pills. She has them omit orange juice and swears you "got no need for the extra sugar". I basically agree.
  4. Salmon nigiri or salmon avocado rolls
    But never brown rice. Yuck
  5. Whole foods brand electrolyte water
  6. I used to get their Indian food from the hot bar but they replaced it with MORE stroganoff, like anyone wants that
  7. Those tiny tartlets with berries piled on top wrapped in cellophane and eat it in the parking lot
  8. Talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato
    You gotta.
  9. Bio-k probiotic
    But don't read the label. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of active cultures? Scary
  10. Sometimes a cool pair of yoga pants or TOM's
  11. Guacamole
    Whole foods guac is the best, we all know that, don't front
  12. Honey roasted peanut butter I make myself
    There's a make your own peanut butter grinder that no one uses. And I'm just there, grinding away. Come say hi!
  13. Their fruitcake at Christmas time
    It's so good, toasted with butter. Yeah I love fruitcake. But I also love filet o fishes. I feel the two are related somehow.