I don't mean my agents and managers! Mine are perfect.
  1. Spectacular
    These eggs are spectacular.
  2. Phenomenal
    Your new haircut is phenomenal.
  3. He/she is dead to me.
    I didn't get an early entrance time to VF Oscar party. That publicist is dead to me.
  4. Copacetic
    I can't believe I'm running into you in the parking lot at FOX. That is so copacetic.
  5. Trippy
    I liked the new Charlie Kaufman movie, it was so trippy!
  6. Good guy
    He's been married to the same woman for like 5 years. He's such a good guy.
  7. Surreal
    I flew in from New York this morning, so I'm three hours ahead. My whole day was surreal.
  8. !!!!!!!!!!
    I saw her last Instagram post, mama. She looks like she lost weight!!!!!!!!!!