For when you're 20 minutes into your run when you're like "ok that's good enough, 20 minutes is pretty major, I can stop." but you need musical help
  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Countdown, Beyoncé
  3. Higher Love, Steve winwood
    I'm so real right now
  4. Summertime Sadness remix by Cedric Gervais
  5. Oh My God, Jay-z
  6. Open Your Heart, Madonna
  7. We Will Rock You, Queen
    NO TIME FOR LOSERS 'CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (those are lyrics to another one of their songs that's not as good for running)
  8. California Lovin, Tupac and Friends
  9. Smooth criminal, MJ
  10. Rhythm Nation, JJ
  11. Shake it Off, Mariah
  12. And then just like a Marc Maron podcast, those really get you going