2017 Work Resolutions

  1. Write & direct my second feature, Hala
    It's time, OK? The artist struggle bus has to have its final stop somewhere. Sundance 2018 (I can dream.)
  2. Finish the comic I started & pitch to Image
    My illustrator, Richard, and I have been working on a small comic that we want to pitch as an anthology to Image.
  3. Release a new short film out in Q1
    It's called "After Sophie" and it's going to be awesome, I promise.
  4. Staff write on a TV show.
    It's going to happen, OK? Here's a picture of Breaking Bad's writer's room for #writergoals.
  5. Finish my new feature script.
    It's about two kids living in the public housing projects of Chicago and it's going to punch everybody in the gut.
  6. Make an animated short film.
    This has been on the bucket list for a very, very long time. And I'm finally starting a search for animators to work with, so hurrah!
  7. Direct a music video or commercial this year.
    I just signed with a commercial production company. Excited to work in a purely visual space & to get out of my writer's head more.
  8. Save a lot of money.
    Tra-la-la, writing assignments. Come at me.
  9. Join a union.
    Going DGA for my feature or WGA for TV writing job or feature writing assignment. Need to start thinking about my future.
  10. Exercise & self-care.
    This is a genuine work resolution. I work better when I am happier and healthier. So here's to taking this mega seriously in 2017.