So I'm planning to leave Venice. Yes. I know. It's super sad.
  1. The concept of 'downsizing' seems to be tied to regression, but personally, it's like shedding unnecessary weight.
    I love Venice air more than anything. I like that I can walk everywhere. But Venice is not where I should be living at this time in my life - for a number of reasons.
  2. My 20s will most likely be remembered as one giant strugglebus.
    But that's kind of normal and OK.
  3. I want to move where my peers are.
    I haven't met a single filmmaker in Venice. Maybe because I haven't tried. But the ones who do live here are usually a) married, b) established, c) can afford to actually live here.
  4. I want to put money where it matters.
    Expensive rent, I'm totally done with you.
  5. Making financially wise moves is huge for my creative career.
    I can take some of the pressure off of living in an area where a salad costs $14. Also - Erewhon is an addiction that I need to quit.
  6. It's not regression, it's prioritization.
    The last four years out of college have been really, really tough. I took a lot of risks and didn't make the best $ decisions because I put my creative goals first. Now that I'm in a healthy place, I can focus on my goals while also building toward my future.
  7. Bye, Venice!
    What I will miss the most: Erewhon, my boyfriend (who will probably leave Venice, too), vegan donuts at Blue Star and coffee at Toms and pizza from Butcher's Daughter and long, long walks back on forth on Abbot Kinney, the clean air, the sun, the ocean, all of the fluffiest dogs being walked on AK and more.