There are a lot of incredible women in Hollywood. Here's a few I'd love to work with someday as a director.
  1. Jessica Chastain
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    Not only exudes the quality of a classic film star, she's a downright phenomenal human. Fell in love with her in Mama and Interstellar.
  2. Natalie Portman
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    She stunned me in The Professional and Black Swan. She's brilliant (went to Harvard!) and fights for female directors like Lynne Ramsay and Patty Jenkins.
  3. Emma Watson
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    She brought one of my most beloved childhood characters to life and she's also not afraid to call herself a feminist.
  4. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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    Mary's a super versatile actress, having played Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim and a recovering alcoholic in Smashed. She's also a fantastic musician!
  5. Ellen Page
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    She broke out in Juno but has consistently delivered in films in all genres like Touchy, Feely, Hard Candy, Inception and Freeheld. As a queer woman, I have so much respect for her living her truth.