Five Actresses I Want to Work With Someday as a Director

There are a lot of incredible women in Hollywood. Here's a few I'd love to work with someday as a director.
  1. Jessica Chastain
    Not only exudes the quality of a classic film star, she's a downright phenomenal human. Fell in love with her in Mama and Interstellar.
  2. Natalie Portman
    She stunned me in The Professional and Black Swan. She's brilliant (went to Harvard!) and fights for female directors like Lynne Ramsay and Patty Jenkins.
  3. Emma Watson
    She brought one of my most beloved childhood characters to life and she's also not afraid to call herself a feminist.
  4. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Mary's a super versatile actress, having played Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim and a recovering alcoholic in Smashed. She's also a fantastic musician!
  5. Ellen Page
    She broke out in Juno but has consistently delivered in films in all genres like Touchy, Feely, Hard Candy, Inception and Freeheld. As a queer woman, I have so much respect for her living her truth.