People in Hollywood feel like they have to sugarcoat rejection, so here's how to decode what they're saying.
  1. "It was well-written."
    I hated it.
  2. "There are definitely some beautiful and/or engaging moments here."
    This script is garbage.
  3. "The first act is strong."
    The rest of it is atrocious.
  4. "It's not for us."
    Good luck peddling that around town.
  5. "You have a way with words."
    We will never hire you in a million years.
  6. "It's indie."
    It'll never get made because it's not commercial.
  7. "It's commercial."
    This is a really bad screenplay.
  8. "We should work together."
    I never want to see you again.
  9. "Let's find a project for us to collaborate on."
    Never e-mail/write me ever again.
  10. "Here's my business card."
    Don't ever actually use this.
  11. "Don't forget your validation."
    Don't let the door hit you on your way out.