Are you an artist? This is how you eat. Beggars can't be choosers.
  1. Buy lots of ramen/soup/chili at Trader Joe's.
    You may die of excess sodium intake but that's the price you pay for your art.
  2. Taco trucks if you're in LA and halal carts if you're in New York.
    You're playing Russian Roulette with food poisoning but at least the food is delicious as fuck.
  3. Eat your roommate's food when he/she isn't looking.
    They'll never notice if you take in small increments. That's how mice get away with it.
  4. Stand outside fancy restaurants with a doe-eyed, hungry expression.
    Depend on the kindness of strangers. Your results may vary.
  5. Eat samples at a supermarket.
    Don't go to any one place too many times. They'll catch onto you.
  6. Ask your mom to feed you.
    Family is the safety net that never stops giving!