I Finished Making a Film

I've been working on a short film called Hala for almost a year. It's based on a feature-length screenplay about a Muslim American teenager coming to terms with her sexuality.
  1. Yesterday, we finally finished.
    The credits were placed together with the footage and the producers and I all approved the final film.
  2. It's been a very long road.
    I wrote a draft in January of 2015, shot a teaser that June, raised money in August and shot the film last October. We locked picture right before Christmas, finished color and sound this past January and had the VFX, credits and score completed within the last month.
  3. I made this film because I had something to say.
    I am not one of those filmmakers who can just make something to make it. I have to have something to say. It's not a paycheck for me (I made no money on this film.) This is a deeply personal project for me.
  4. We raised $25k on Kickstarter and had major supporters including Cassian Elwes, David Lowery, Franklin Leonard and Lorene Scafaria.
    Over 50% of the funds were raised through Twitter. We had over 270 backers. An additional 5-7k was raised though private investors who helped us complete the film in post-production.
  5. We're submitting to film festivals now.
    And hope to eventually release it online.
  6. I had an amazing team behind me.
    None of my key department heads or myself were paid on this project. We all have jobs/other gigs, but we made it happen, nonetheless.
  7. I'm ready to make something new.
    It's a relief to be finished. I'm motivated to shoot something new this year, be it another short film, a music video or a spec commercial - I'm excited by what I've learned as a director.
  8. To be continued!