If you're feeling down, take a look through this self-care checklist.
  1. Take a shower.
    How your body feels is deeply connected to your brain. Taking a shower instantly changes your mood.
  2. If you haven't eaten, eat.
    Hunger changes mood, too. Eat something healthy (fruit/vegetable)
  3. Drink water.
    Most people don't get enough water on a day-to-day basis. Hydrate.
  4. Take a walk.
    It can even be inside of your own home, but preferably one outside so you can get some sunshine and fresh air.
  5. Give someone else a compliment.
    In addition to making someone else feel good, you'll feel better, too.
  6. Write it down.
    Take those angry/sad/depressed feelings and journal them. Put down on paper what's making you upset.
  7. Meet up with someone you care about.
    When you're down, try reaching out to your friends. Get a coffee together, or go on a bike ride or even just Netflix a movie.
  8. Go to sleep.
    If you haven't slept properly, go to bed early. Sleep is so much more important to your happiness than people think.