There are a lot of good lists out there but if I HAD to choose..
  1. 20 Best Films by The AV Club makes movie-watching that much easier. As a filmmaker in LA, there's never too many films to see, but having a curated, handcrafted list of films may yield undiscovered gem or something I might have missed.
  2. On My White Privilege by @kyraa is a relevant read for our times. If you've been privilege-checked and don't quite understand what that means, take a long, good look at this list.
  3. @vanessariegel's morning routine is eerily similar to mine so it deserves a place on this list.
  4. Writer's Room Snacks by @mindy is on here purely because 1) it makes me realize what I'm missing out on by not being staffed on a TV show and 2) I hope she hires me (hi, Mindy!) after reading this.
  5. A compiled list of high school yearbook quotes by @bjnovak makes me feel seventeen again. Also: life was cooler before you had to start thinking about rent and your 401k.