My Room in Venice, CA

Since I graduated college, I've never had - until now - a place that truly felt like home. I moved to Venice recently and decided to put down some roots. Here is my room, itemized and explained.
  1. My bed is a comfy place I actually enjoy sleeping in.
    I buckled down and finally bought a full-size mattress. Pillows were from a buy/sell/trade Facebook group exclusively for creative women. Sheets from Ross.
  2. The first and maybe last desk I will ever own & need.
    Custom-made from Etsy. Lamp was $25 and from either TJ Maxx or Ross. I've had that screensaver on my computer for years after seeing it on Instagram. A Magic Mouse because trackpads are unacceptable. A photo frame with a postcard I picked up at Bricks and Scones in Larchmont. Yes, that's how I store my tea - on a recycled planner from Daiso.
  3. Hooks to hang things.
    This hook situation was thrifter. Dress from Forever 21. One bag from a cute boutique on Abbot Kinney called Piece Collective and the second from Aesop. A men's medium Zara jacket leftover from a film production and a cardigan from Heavenly Couture.
  4. Move over, shelves. Crates are in.
    A lot of film books, but my favorites are definitely the Judith Weston book on directing actors, Making Movies by Sidney Lumet and Stephen King's On Writing memoir. Grapefruit body balm from Aesop skincare.
  5. A vintage magazine rack - for all the New Yorkers I must read.
    Thrifted from the same women's Facebook group. I store my magazines and blank notebooks in here.
  6. A bench for additional seating.
    My friend Kaley found this bench for an amazing price. Since my room is small, having a skinny bench like this is great for guests. Also - somewhere to sit while I put my shoes on & get dressed.
  7. This is where I will be living for at least a little while.
    And it does feel like home.