Who I've texted today and about what. I text a lot. It's a problem.
  1. He's at a wedding right now so we are sending each other disgustingly cute text messages.
  2. Alex Farah
    My Canadian filmmaker friend and I are gushing about Melanie Laurent's film.
  3. About her birthday party last night.
  4. Benji Dell
    He's the cinematographer on my film, Hala. He's in Michigan right now and coming back to LA tomorrow. I sent him 2 films to watch. We have a lot of prep to do right away for this movie.
  5. Nerding out about movies and boys.
  6. Sam Hanson
    Creative executive at Focus Features. I have known him for 5 years, back when we were both assistants. He loved Hala. We are talking about the visuals of Melanie Laurent's film. He sent me Julia Ducournau's film, too.
  7. Talking about how French filmmakers do it better. American movies are way too belabored. We need to catch up once he gets back into town (he's also a filmmaker.)
  8. Janna Avner
    My college friend, with whom I take frequent retreats to Topanga Canyon, is on my side of town. We are both busy working on projects, though.
  9. Jake Fallon
    I'm producing his short film. He shoots next week. Checking in on his psychological state.