Things Going Through My Head as I Lie Sick in Bed on New Year's Day

  1. 2015 really kicked me in the butt.
  2. My nose feels like the Niagara Falls right now.
  3. I have the weekend to recuperate.
  4. A weekend is only 2 days.
  5. Is 2 days enough time?
  6. I feel a tingle in my nose.
  7. Is that a sneeze coming--
  8. --no, it's an almost sneeze, I hate it when that happens--
  10. Holy Mother of God that was awful.
  11. This tissue does nothing to stem the hemorrhage of mucus streaming down from my nostrils.
  12. This paper towel is very abrasive to my nose. I look like Rudolph.
  13. Does Emergen-C even work?
  14. I took some Claritin.
  15. My eyeballs hurt.
  16. I guess I should make a list about how I'm sick.
  17. ACTUAL SNEEZE x 3.