Things I Am Not Good At

  1. Opening doors or locks
    I don't like complicated doors.
  2. Wearing heels
    They are not comfortable.
  3. Eating things I'm allergic to (dairy, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds)
    I get very, very sick eating any of these things.
  4. Going on dates
    I literally don't know what to say.
  5. Geography
    I will Google Map my way down the block if necessary.
  6. Finding out which way to turn the handle so that the water runs hot in the shower
    Because I'm absentminded unless it's clearly labeled.
  7. Dressing appropriately for the weather
    I never dress warmly enough. I blame LA for perpetually sunny weather.
  8. Charging my phone
    Because it's not always convenient.
  9. Charging my computer
    Because I am lazy.
  10. Making my bed
    Tucking in corners is a bitch.
  11. Doing laundry
    I'd rather not hustle for quarters all week to do my laundry in poorly serviced washing and drying machines. (I love fluff n' fold.)
  12. Having more than one alcoholic drink (my tolerance is 1 beer or glass of wine / 1 mixed drink)
    I was a teetotaler until 22 and didn't drink much in college (only in my senior year).
  13. Appreciating "bad" movies
    There are too many good films to see; no time to see "bad" ones (yes, this is pretty subjective.)
  14. Certain kinds of small talk
    When making new relationships, I do engage in small talk. But if I've known you awhile, there's no reason for it.
  15. Driving a car
    Failed my driver's test twice & succeeded on the third try. I wouldn't trust me to drive on the streets.
  16. Swimming
    I never learned because swimming was co-ed in high school and my parents would not allow me to wear a bathing suit in front of the opposite sex for religious reasons.
  17. Putting together furniture, even with instructions
    I just like doing things my way, which is usually wrong, if it serves a practical purpose.
  18. Taking off my glasses
    I never take them off unless I'm sleeping. Yes, I wear them in the shower.
  19. Pronouncing words I've read but never heard aloud
    Words like compote, albeit, soufflé, sherbet, awry, among others, have puzzled me for years.
  20. Reading books online.
    I prefer physical books to intangible ones.
  21. Turning my computer off
    I'm not sure if this is good for my computer or not -- will have to research this.
  22. Eating alone
    I prefer to eat with other people. Eating is as much of a social activity as anything else in my book.
  23. Being fashionable
    I just wear what I want, is comfortable, and appropriate for the occasion.
  24. Sleeping in a single position
    I toss and turn.
  25. Not eating breakfast
    Breakfast is life, as is breakfast food.
  26. Tolerating smoking in non-smoking areas
    I have severe asthma. I have told off smokers in LA when they violate clear signs that denote when a space is a non-smoking one.