Things I do not approve of

I just don't.
  1. Restaurants fucking up my orders
    I'm allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and shellfish. A lot of restaurants don't take the extra effort of making sure special requests are taken care of or even properly checking ingredients. I have gotten sick too many times from the negligence of restaurants!
  2. When it's too cold outside
    I am never warm enough.
  3. Mundane tasks piling up
    Like laundry or washing dishes.
  4. When I'm creatively blocked
    Super frustrating when I can't write.
  5. Beer
    Empty calories.
  6. Insects
    They are a nuisance.
  7. When my glasses slip off my face
    I have never had a pair that has not done this. My lenses are too damn heavy.
  8. Junk food
    I can't get behind unhealthy snacks.
  9. How long it takes hair & makeup on set to do their job
    I just can't with how perfectionist they need to be sometimes.
  10. Time between lighting setups
    You mean I have to wait 20 minutes before I can shoot anything? UGH.
  11. Dealing with inexperienced or incompetent crew
    This is what I get for paying low day rates.
  12. Subtweets
    I am guilty of them but seriously not OK.
  13. Inspirational Facebook photo memes
    Please stop with these.
  14. Thinspo
    Responsible for the rise of eating disorders in this country.
  15. When wealthy people are out of touch with the problems that low-income folks deal with everyday
    Like paying for healthcare.
  16. America's healthcare system
    It's a racket meant to rob you of all your money. I am so done with paying exorbitant prices for basic procedures that would be otherwise free or practically free in European nations.
  17. Taxes
    Not sure why this country takes 35% of my paycheck and I don't have a working post office or actual public transportation, but OK.
  18. Celebrity worship
    I am over it.
  19. Broadcast news
    For the most part, obsolete.
  20. Pants
    They block me creatively.
  21. How art programs are being cut across the country in public schools
    Yeah, raising the next generation to be as uncultured as possible is def our goal.
  22. Public schools
    Mostly bad. Again, why are we paying tax money for schools that underserve our future generation?
  23. Things that are expensive and have absolutely no reason to be
    Parking tickets rob low-income people. Also: organic, whole foods should not cost more than GMO food.
  24. That companies are becoming less and less human
    Customer service is almost always a robot now.
  25. Customer service at most places
    Bad. Not human.
  26. Airlines
    Shaming them on Twitter is the only way to get justice for how they scam you.
  27. Plastic anything
    Let's stop destroying our planet.
  28. That I forget our planet doesn't have unlimited resources
    I need to get better at this.
  29. Fast fashion
    Usually garbage & doesn't last.
  30. Low-paid labor in other countries serving our middle class needs
    I am not okay so much of our clothing is made by people not paid enough to lift themselves out of poverty.
  31. That I'm forgetting Urdu
    Makes me sad that I'm losing my native tongue.
  32. That I haven't left the country in 14 years
    Soon to be rectified.
  33. Taking my parents for granted growing up and not realizing how life was mad hard for them as immigrants
    Love you, Mom & Dad. You are the fucking best.
  34. Not being as grateful for all the opportunities & resources I've had over the years
    Thank you.
  35. Being sick
    Which I am right now 🤕
  36. This list
    For being so damn negative.